Evan Price is a Young Green and career sales professional who is passionate about fighting for Canadians’ rights. He was motivated to pursue public service because he wants to work with the residents of Durham to build a better future for our region and country.

Evan supports policies that empower women and young Canadians, and legislation aimed at protecting immigrants and minority groups. He is especially passionate about electoral reform and the Green Party’s call for proportional representation. He believes that fixing our voting system would ensure that all Canadians are accurately represented in government, in addition to creating more opportunities for youth to get involved. Being a young politician helps Evan relate more closely to the issues impacting younger generations and to think more seriously about the long-term consequences of government decisions.

Evan is pursuing a future career in law and has started his undergraduate studies in political science at the University of Toronto. While taking time off from his studies to raise a family, he has established a career in the telecommunications industry, where he has worked for several well-known organizations, including Bell, Rogers, and Shaw.

Evan currently lives in Clarington with his wife, Cassandra, and his daughter, Sophia. He is an active voice in local politics, technology, business and news via social media and his personal website. In his spare time, Evan cherishes spending time with his wife and daughter, as well as reading, cooking, and photography.