Hannah Conover-Arthurs is a passionate and forward-thinking environmentalist born and raised in Toronto's east-end. The daughter of a Jamaican immigrant father and a city-born visual artist mother, she was immersed in arts and culture from a very young age.

With lifelong participation in both visual and performing arts, she is a strong supporter of continued and expanded funding for Canada's Council for the Arts. Hannah believes in the arts as a means to unite communities and to encourage the kind of creative, innovative thinking we need to find solutions to our country's toughest problems.

Hannah has lived, worked and volunteered in the Davenport riding for over five years. She is a George Brown College Graduate with a passion for cooking and food security, and has gone on to dedicate her life to improving the wellbeing of people and the planet through our food systems. She has also been a member of an organic farm co-op in the city for half a decade.

Hannah is a strong advocate for access to local organic food for low-income households. In addition to food security, she is deeply interested in providing realistic solutions for low-income and immigrant families to obtain affordable housing, gainful employment and a clear path to citizenship.

Ultimately, Hannah wants to help build policies that will protect the land, air and water that make up our beautiful country and to ensure that Canada is invested in the future of its people regardless of status, age or race.