Beaches—East York

Sean Manners was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, to parents of European and Caribbean descent. He has studied political science and environmental ethics at the University of Toronto, and is a graduate student in environmental policy at Memorial University. He has called the Beaches—East York riding home for 22 years. 

Sean has been an active research assistant with the Environmental Policy Institute at Memorial University for the last four years. In this role, Sean has been involved with various tasks ranging from coordinating conferences to contributing to government research projects related to climate change. 

Coming from a multicultural background, fostering a sense of community in the places he lives is of integral importance to Sean. This is demonstrated by his commitment to social justice and activism in human rights and the environment. He has been an advocate for, and member of, several grassroots environmental action organizations. Through these experiences, he came to realize the critical role that environmental policy can play in addressing and causing social injustice. This contributed to his decision to run for the Green Party of Canada. 

Sean has been an active member of the Green Party of Canada since 2013. During his time, he was President of the University of Toronto Green Party and CEO and President of the Green Party’s Beaches—East York Riding Association. He has also served as a campaign manager and volunteer on various campaigns throughout the province. 

Sean believes that taking action on climate change should be a top priority for the federal government. He is also committed to decreasing student debt and eliminating university and college tuition fees. The Green Party of Canada’s commitment to good government and restoring our democracy through proportional representation solidified his resolve to run for the Green Party in 2019.