Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill

Timothy has lived virtually his entire life in York Region and he is extremely passionate about the community, the people and the environment.  He grew up in Richmond Hill, raised his family in various locations in Aurora and recently moved slightly north to Newmarket.  He has been a very proactive participant in many engaging areas across the region to improve the quality of life for children, youths and adults of all ages.  He respects the moraine,  thoughtful development and community as a whole.  He will never stop supporting and helping this great area as long as he can.

He brings to the Green Party an uncanny ability to apply practical business sense to complicated problems for the benefit of all.  As an example, as a senior VP responsible for most operations at a major Fortune 500 company, he realized early on that practical , intelligent applied environmental policies were not just good-feeling, they were good business.  Early on, he was an adopter of a large Sustainability staff that made good economic sense, positive consumer impressions and increased employee engagement.  While a leader at Sears, they consistently were industry leaders in not just appliances sold, but appliances that were the most eco-friendly on the market.

He uses that as a view into his commitment to the Green Party. It is folly and to our own peril to continue down the path we are on.  York Region can help lead Canada, and Canada in turn can lead the world with solid environmental actions, not rhetoric.  Now indeed is the time to "govern", to lead and support the will of Canadians to a positive future.  He is informed and he knows the challenges facing this great nation (cost of living, political integrity, foreign policy) but they all fit extremely well with the compelling argument of Climate Health.  We are one people, one country and only one planet.  He applauds the Green Party for connecting people around the globe in a manner that identifies the urgency of acting now.  

He has talked to many folks and while he knows electoral success will be difficult, they nonetheless want to help out.  As a respected community and business leader for many years they are taking pause that he would make a decision to support GREEN.  It is easy for him...he now supports the Green Party, as they are the right path to tomorrow.