Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Soeurs

Born and raised in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke, Liana Cusmano is a writer, filmmaker, spoken word artist and arts educator who works in English, French and Italian. They grew up in a large Italian family where sharing meals, preserving traditions and being of service to others were the foundation for a close and vibrant community. A graduate of McGill University, Liana received a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2017.

Liana has worked in film and television production, communications, administration, arts education and creative writing. They are the 2018 and 2019 Montreal Slam Champion and runner up in the 2019 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championship. They were also a participant in the 2019 Spoken Word Residency Program at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

As a young queer and transgender university graduate working in the gig economy, Liana is especially passionate about climate change, gentrification, queer rights and healthcare. Their volunteer work with Santropol Roulant and with the SPCA, their work as an arts educator in underprivileged high schools, and their involvement with the Montreal spoken word scene has allowed them to share space and connect with other members of marginalized communities. People of colour, people with disabilities and queer people, among others, face particular obstacles —such as homelessness in Ville Marie and gentrification in the South West— and these injustices motivated Liana to run for the Green Party of Canada. They are dedicated to building more accessible and more egalitarian communities in their riding.

Liana’s pastimes include playing soccer, riding motorcycles and playing the piano. Their spoken word explores sexual orientation and gender identity, relationships and mental health, and they perform under the name BiCurious George. They like to punctuate otherwise melancholic poems and performances with black and absurdist humour.