Georgia Kokotsis is a semi-retired, self-employed consultant and single mother of an environmentally-aware teenager. Georgia has been a volunteer member of the Blue Dot Movement, a project of the David Suzuki Foundation, for several years and has participated in many awareness-raising events regarding climate change and the importance of fortifying our laws at the highest level to protect our precious environment. Lately she has been very active as a pledge leader meeting with several federal MP's and gathering their signed pledges that commits them to making it a constitutional right for every Canadian to enjoy clean air, fresh water, safe food and a healthy environment.

Georgia has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Master's in Business Administration majoring in Marketing, both from McGill University. She is fluent in English, French and Greek and understands some Arabic because she lived in the Middle East for a few years. She is also a member of Sivananda, an international organization focused on Yoga and Peace. She loves cycling, kayaking and walking her dog.

Growing up, money was tight and Georgia had to work to help pay for her education. While she appreciated the fact that Quebec had low tuition fees and realized that she would not have been able to pursue her studies if that wasn't the case, she often felt the strain of working while studying, especially at exam time. Georgia believes that every Canadian should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and advance their education and that should not only be available to those who can afford it.

A firm believer in balanced budgets, Georgia believes that as Canadians, we pay enough taxes to provide our students with free post-secondary education and to focus on jobs, technologies and industries that are green, clean, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and that will create more jobs, exports and growth of the Canadian economy. No new money would be needed, just a shift in the priorities of the government from a fossil-fuel-based economy to a green-based economy. During the transition, Georgia also believes that it is high time that the polluters clean up after themselves and stop declaring bankruptcy and leaving the cleanup expenses to the taxpayers.