Since joining the teaching staff at Westmount High School in 2006, Robert Green has distinguished himself as a passionate and outspoken advocate for public education. He has had numerous opinion pieces published by the Montreal Gazette and Ricochet Media and is frequently interviewed about education issues by nearly every English media outlet in Montreal.

In 2016, Robert was invited to serve as the chair and spokesperson of the Committee for the Enhancement of the History Curriculum – Quebec. This committee was formed by various groups representing parents and teachers in Quebec’s English school system, with the mission to speak out about the very serious problems with the representation of Indigenous and minority communities in Quebec’s recently reformed history curriculum. In 2013 and 2014, Robert played a leading role in mobilizing the Westmount High School community against the PQ’s Charter of Values and produced the viral video “A Lesson in Values for Madam Marois.”
Robert’s motivation for running for the Green Party is also directly related to his work as a social sciences teacher. “As a teacher I spend my days working with young people whose futures will be directly affected by our continued failure to address the current climate emergency,” Green said, “This has left me with a profound sense that I need to do more. We all need to do much more.”

Robert’s political involvement began as a student at Concordia University where he held several positions including two terms as President of the Concordia Student Union, National Executive Representative for Quebec with the Canadian Federation of Students, and Board of Directors member with the Quebec Public Interest Research Group – Concordia. 

Robert then did two internships with Montreal-based NGO Alternatives in Senegal where he helped train a network of Senegalese youth in preparing a series of popular education workshops on the effects of globalization and climate change. 

Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in religious studies with a minor in anthropology and a graduate diploma in community economic development, both from Concordia University. He also holds a Bachelor of Education from McGill University.