Jacques Gélineau

Jacques Gélineau is a building technician for a mining company on the North Shore. He is passionate about the beauty of nature and the secrets it holds. He shares his discoveries as a naturalist photographer and producer of the television series Maya Découvre la Côte-Nord, a series of ten documentaries about ecosystems, their beauty, the services they provide and the threats they face.

An activist at heart, Jacques has led countless battles to preserve the region's rivers. This included an initiative to conserve the Rivière-Pentecôte and a project with the Comité ZIP Côte-Nord du Golfe to help protect the Brochu River Salt Marsh.

In addition to his current career and activism, Jacques has also worked as a radio and newspaper columnist for the Nord-Est newspaper, a candidate in various elections, and as a researcher focusing on large marine mammals in the Port-Cartier and Sept-Îles regions. From 1997 to 2018, he worked in collaboration with the Mingan Islands Research Station to compile data that was used on numerous occasions during public hearings, particularly for the Arnaud mine project. He is currently preparing a documentary on the Gulf of St. Lawrence and its natural beauty.

Jacques is hoping to build on his past political and social experience to serve as a spokesperson for the community and a defender of common interests. These experiences include: serving as a candidate in more than seven provincial and federal elections, acting as the President of Local 6869 and the United Steelworkers Union for more than 20 years, and serving as a municipal councillor during the 2002 forced mergers.

Jacques looks forward to fighting on behalf of all the people of Manicouagan, and working hard to protect this beautiful place we call home.