Macarena Diab holds a Master's in International Relations from Hautes études internationales de l'Université Laval, and has been working for three years at DevAlto Technologies, a Quebec company that specializes in the implementation of software for international development projects.

Director of Programs for Canada's Young Diplomats, Macarena is also a volunteer with Immigrant Wellness and has contributed to a Quebec City blog aimed at promoting the city to potential immigrants. Winner of World Affairs Canada's Emerging Leaders of the Americas Award, Macarena is running for the first time as a federal candidate. Motivated by her desire to get involved in environmental causes and reduce the negative impacts of climate change, she became involved with the Green Party at the provincial level in 2018, when she was a candidate in the riding of Jean-Talon.

Macarena is running with the conviction that now is the time to change the way we do politics, to put forward environmental issues and to address the public with greater transparency. She adheres to the Global Green Charter, tries to limit her own personal waste, and wants to be able to make positive changes in the areas of immigrant integration, public transport and health.

Passionate about languages, cultures and human rights, Macarena has professional experience in Africa, Europe, and North and South America. She hopes to be able to contribute her dynamism and energy to the mission of improving the political discourse and taking concrete action on climate change.