Milan Kona-Mancini is a geography graduate from Concordia University who is passionate about changing society's relationship to nature. He has lived in Beaconsfield since he was three years old and is currently looking to buy a property with his sister in the area. Milan is a board member with the west island environmental group, The Green Coalition, which focuses on preserving green space in Montreal. He has worked as a laboratory technician for the past several years at the Dorval Jean Coutu where he enjoys helping and conversing with the patients. Milan is fluent in English and French and is taking classes to improve on the Spanish he learned in high school.

Milan is currently working with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to engage more youth in environmental issues through their program the Canadian Conservation Corps. He also has taken several environmental education contracts that have led him from Alberta to West Virginia. Milan has continued his studies by taking courses in environmental education with Cornell University.

After training with the Canadian Wildlife Federation within the Canadian Conservation Corps, he worked at the Calgary Zoo in the education and outreach department. There he wrote conservation based educational material for teachers, which was applicable to the Alberta school curriculum.

Milan believes we are at a turning point in the world when it comes to climate change. With frequent floods, melting permafrost and overconsumption of non-renewable resources, he believes a wide scale change is necessary to curb our impact on the environment. Milan believes politics and policy are the most effective way to change our perspective and the Green Party is the most progressive in achieving these goals. 

In his free time, when he is not taking care of his 100-year old nonna, Milan likes paddling, going for hikes and participating in citizen science. He also enjoys leading tabletop board games where he creates exciting adventures for his friends and the public.