Greg De Luca is an acclaimed education advisor as well as a veteran language instructor. He currently works for the Champlain Regional College in addition to other independent contracting work. Apart from his professional duties in education, Greg is also the Champlain Professionals’ Union President and is the FPPC representative on the Brundtland Green Establishments Network, a group that implements green initiatives directly on school campuses. 

In addition to this work, Greg is also a published science-fiction novelist, futurist, part-time philosopher, part-time business owner and full-time father of two. Holding a diploma of college studies in the pure sciences, a bachelor’s in creative writing and a Master of Education, Greg is a jack-of-all-trades with an ambitious imagination and unshakeable belief in the potential of Canada and Canadians.

For Greg, the future of Canada is a bright one. He envisions economic growth in the form of new sustainable infrastructure and the electrification of commuter rail and public transit, substantial improvements to public education, and the implementation of a guaranteed livable income for all Canadians. The current climate crisis is an opportunity for all Canadians to help transform our country into a shining example of a green and prosperous nation. 

Greg lives on the south shore of Montreal with his wife, two children, a cat and a dog. He currently works at Champlain College Saint-Lambert as an Education Advisor and runs his education consultancy from home. For fun, you can sometimes find Greg donning the cloak of a mock superhero named “The Green Man” in order to bring media attention to the issue of climate change.