Rowan Miller is a resident of Upper Kent, New Brunswick, and does his best to be a citizen of the world. Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Rowan spent eleven years in Aiken, South Carolina, and a year studying in Yellow Springs, Ohio, before moving to New Brunswick in 2015 to be closer to family. 

Rowan is descended from many generations of local farmers, and moving to New Brunswick was like returning to his roots along the Saint John/Wolastoq River Valley. While growing up, Rowan took innumerable trips to this area, and developed a deep personal affinity for its forests and farms, lakes and rivers, its communities and its history. Rowan is now happy to turn that affinity into a firm commitment to draw on all traditions —Anglophone, Francophone and Indigenous— to build a bright future for New Brunswick’s people and its environment. 

With his long family history in New Brunswick, Rowan wants to see our province continue to grow and prosper, and wants to see that growth and prosperity mean vibrant and viable communities across the province, from urban centres to rural townships. That means protecting our resources, and ensuring rural regions get a fair shake for what they produce and create — from sustainable lumber to arts and cultural projects. 

As a student of history, political science and economy —and from his background living in small and varied communities across North America— Rowan knows he can bring innovative leadership to the challenges confronting the communities of Tobique—Mactaquac. Rowan wants to see investment in renewable energy, rapid transit, and the communications technology that is needed to integrate rural communities with the wider world. He also wants to ensure our farming communities can thrive through agricultural diversification, new crops and new methods — from hemp to hops to hydroponics. 

Above all else, Rowan is committed to building a strong and sustainable home that will give our grandchildren access to the best opportunities and the healthiest environment.