Claire Kelly has lived all across Canada, and appreciates every corner of it, but is very proud to call herself a Maritimer. Born in Manitoba, and raised in New Brunswick and British Columbia, it's no wonder Claire has always felt passionate about ensuring all feel welcomed and respected in this country she loves.
After graduating from Mount Allison University, Claire taught English in Japan for two years and travelled to over 40 countries before returning to Canada to pursue a master's degree in Immigration and Settlement Studies from Ryerson University. She has been using her education, experience, and three languages to work in the field of immigration and international education ever since. She currently serves as NBCC's International Immigration Advisor. 
Claire has always been an environmentalist, but became a more serious environmental activist in university when she was involved with the student group Eco-Action. Her group led campaigns to cut single-use plastic and coffee cup use, and sponsored the annual "Campus Climate Challenge" to cut carbon emissions. 
While living in Japan, Claire appreciated the Japanese way of compact living and its positive impact on the carbon footprint of individuals. In 2011, Claire experienced first-hand the trauma that comes with a natural disaster, living through the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in her region, and then seeing the devastation of the tsunami when volunteering in affected areas.
Since returning to Canada in 2013, Claire has watched with empathy as every part of this country has been ravaged by their own natural disasters. Yet, despite the increased number of floods, wildfires and even tornadoes due to climate change, she has watched with disbelief as our government has chosen to invest even more into the fossil fuel industry.
Time and again, Claire has seen that the Green Party is the only party willing to take true climate leadership. That's why, in 2015, Claire was very proud and inspired to support her mother and Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Jo-Ann Roberts, when she ran alongside Elizabeth May in the federal election. Claire has been involved with the Green Party ever since. 
This federal election, Claire is excited to run alongside both her mother and Elizabeth, and hopes to join them in the House of Commons. 
Science tells us we still have a chance to prevent runaway climate change, but that means bold action now. This election, Claire wants to see her favourite corner of Canada vote for a party that acts with respect and integrity, and that has a concrete plan to build a sustainable future.