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Jason Blanch has served as a Town Councillor in Amherst, Nova Scotia, since October 2016. He sits on Amherst’s Audit Committee, Planning Advisory Committee and Municipal Alcohol Planning Committee, and as a Commissioner on Amherst’s Board of Police Commissions. Jason has been an Addiction Counsellor with the Nova Scotia Health Authority for over fifteen years.

Jason has a bachelor’s degree from Mount Allison University, and a master’s degree in adult education from Saint Francis Xavier University. Through his studies, he has gained an intermediate ability to speak French and Spanish.

Jason has worked and volunteered in community development organizations focussed on social justice and the environment across Canada and internationally. From 2000 to 2003, Jason volunteered as a human rights observer with the Aboriginal Rights Coalition in Esgenoopetitj, New Brunswick. In 2001, Jason worked in West Africa with the Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone, developing a training program for former child soldiers to develop employment skills. Jason founded the Nappan Project, an organization dedicated to environmental education and climate change, in addition to volunteering with the Sierra Club of Canada’s Atlantic Canada Chapter where he sat as the inaugural Chair. Finally, he volunteered with the United Church of Canada’s Tatamagouche Centre for over five years.

A long-time Green Party volunteer and advocate, Jason ran as a candidate in the 2009 by-election, as well as the general elections of 2011 and 2015. Jason also ran with the Green Party of Nova Scotia in 2013, and has sat as the CAO of the local electoral district association

Jason has built his family an off-grid, super insulated, passive solar, photovoltaic powered house in Cumberland County. He is passionate about organic gardening, kayaking, sailing, making maple syrup, hiking, canoeing and travelling with his family. Jason lives in Amherst, Nova Scotia, with his wife Julie and their two teenage children.