Long Range Mountains

Lucas Knill comes from a rural background, and is currently studying at Memorial University Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook, where he is completing his Master's of Science in Boreal Ecosystems and Agriculture. He loves to explore the natural, historic, and cultural beauty of the Long Range Mountains riding, from the breathtaking beauty of Gros Morne to the scenic trails of Channel-Port aux Basques to the upbeat music festivals of St. Anthony.

Lucas is a strong believer in the value of being an active, contributing participant within the community, and he demonstrates this by volunteering with local search and rescue, as well as sitting on different committees within the university. Values of community resilience, promoting rural economic development, and fostering community collaboration are of key importance for Lucas. He believes that deliberative democracy is the best tool to connect the social, environmental, and economic needs of communities to real applied political action.

For environmental issues, and specifically climate change, Lucas believes that the time for society to act is now. Sustainability is a foundational pillar of Lucas' perspective on how governmental agencies, resource development and management should work. He is also dedicated to deeply understanding the needs of rural communities and the needs of Indigenous peoples and their communities.

Lucas believes the Long Range Mountains riding is well suited for the Green Party and that he can create meaningful action towards the needs of communities in the riding, while incorporating his green values and unique perspective as a young person, community volunteer, and previous labourer and truck driver.