Greg Malone was born and educated in St. John’s. He is a cynic philosopher in the tradition of Diogenes and Lenny Bruce and, as one of the original founders of CODCO, is perhaps best known for the CODCO and WGB TV series’ and his wicked impersonations of political icons like George Bush, Jean Chrétien, Queen Elizabeth II and Barbara Frum. He has received many awards for writing, performing and directing, including a dozen Gemini Awards and the ACTRA Award of Excellence.
In recent years, Greg has been a motivational speaker to many groups across the Country on topics such as globalization, privatization, AIDS, sex, spirituality and the environment. His presentations are inspired and hilarious, and peppered with impersonations of famous characters. Greg’s memoir, You Better Watch Out, and his latest book, Don’t Tell The Newfoundlanders —about the international collusion that brought Newfoundland into the Canadian Confederation— are both national bestsellers.
Besides his work in television, Greg has performed in countless radio programs, stage shows and international theatre tours. Some recent work includes playing Prospero in The Tempest, Shylock in The Merchant of Venice and Madame Pernelle in the National Arts Centre’s production of Tartuffe. In 2018, he performed in three hit stage shows, The Seagull, Our Eliza and Men of Misfortune. His recent films include How to be Deadly, Away From Everywhere, Wife and Death, and Maudie.
Greg wrote and directed the award-winning, Sex Drugs and HIV to raise awareness of the impediment prejudice is to the health care of persons living with HIV or AIDS. As a political activist, he is recognized across Canada for his part in the campaign that successfully stopped the privatization of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, and his consistent efforts to protect the Environment.
Greg feels that all life on the planet is facing an existential threat, and that everyone should know and be concerned about the impending climate crisis. Greg is running for the Green Party because he believes it is the only party that gets it. That they are the only political party with the common sense and honesty to face this reality for what it is — a life-and-death struggle for the preservation of life on the planet. 
Greg is ready to join Green MPs like Elizabeth May and Paul Manly in Ottawa to fight for a sustainable, carbon-free future.