Daniel Green candidate in the Outremont by-election

MONTREAL - Daniel Green, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada, is proud to announce his candidacy for the Outremont by-election.

"I am announcing my candidacy today in a riding I know very well, where I have worked for years. I’ve been a part of the Green team for years now because I want to offer a more credible option, one more concerned about the environment and people's health than what is currently being proposed by status quo parties.”

"The Liberals and Conservatives are overwhelmed by the current and future challenges of our world, and constantly offer a short-term vision of politics. Social inequalities are increasing in the name of economic liberalism, meanwhile our Prime Minister has decided without consulting Canadians to nationalize a pipeline, a mark of short-term thinking.”

"With climate change on the rise, our society must be prepared to change. In the next thirty years, millions of people will become climate refugees, desertification will make agricultural land unyielding, cities and villages uninhabitable. We are now responsible for the world we will leave to future generations, to our children. And to prepare for this, it is time to vote for a Party that has a long-term global vision of the challenges our country faces," concluded Mr. Green.


For more information or to arrange an interview, contact
Robin Marty
Green Party of Canada