Green Party of Canada condemns statements made by former candidate

(OTTAWA) July 15, 2016 – The Green Party of Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms comments by Monika Schaefer, a former candidate, regarding her views on the Holocaust.

“Monika Schaefer’s comments denying the Holocaust are outrageous and shocking. Ms. Schaefer has no standing within the Green Party of Canada, and her views are exclusively her own,” said Emily McMillan, Executive Director of the Green Party of Canada. “Ms. Schaefer was rejected as a potential Green candidate for the riding of Yellowhead prior to the 2015 federal election, and also rejected as a potential candidate for the 2014 by-election in Fort McMurray-Athabasca.

“In light of Ms. Schaefer’s untrue statements made in a recent online video, we will be initiating the process to terminate her membership with the Green Party of Canada at the earliest possible opportunity,” Ms. McMillan said.

The Green Party’s policy for termination of a member states a member may be expelled by a resolution of Federal Council or a General Meeting of members. The Party will request a motion be put forward to terminate Ms. Schaefer’s membership at its next Federal Council meeting.

“I am shocked by comments made by Ms. Schaefer and I condemn her terribly misguided and untrue statements,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands). “Ms. Schaefer does not represent the values of the Green Party nor of our membership.”


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