Accessible National Debates vital for Canadian Voters

Green Party of Canada will discuss national debates with major networks

(OTTAWA) - Statement from Julian Morelli, Green Party Director of Communications: 

“The Green Party of Canada believes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all national party leaders have an obligation to debate in a proven format that is easily accessible to all Canadians, including our seniors, our youth, and those living in rural and remote regions of Canada.

“By choosing to outright decline the national broadcaster’s proposal of four debates in both official languages, Stephen Harper is clearly trying to fragment the audience and create a debate free-for-all that will not benefit voters.  Once Canadians understand the true motivation of the Conservatives, they will be outraged.

“In the last election, CTV, CBC, Global, and Radio-Canada have shown that a national debate format works: over 14 million people tuning in to watch the federal leaders’ debates. In addition, we have accepted the offer for a federal debate from Maclean’s and are reviewing others.  We believe more debates, in both traditional and new media formats, are better for Canadians.

“Therefore, we will attend the second meeting between national broadcasters and parties this Thursday and hope to see the NDP, the Liberals, and the Bloc Québecois at the table.  The door will be open for the Conservatives should they change their mind.

“Alternatively, the major networks and other parties must go ahead and let Stephen Harper's empty chair speak for itself.”


For additional information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Julian Morelli
Director of Communications
Green Party of Canada
cell: (613) 614 4916
office: (613) 562 4916 (224)