Leadership Contest

Information for Green Party leadership contestants

The Green Party Leadership Contest will be announced shortly. Individuals interested in entering the contest can email governance@greenparty.ca.

If you are engaging in leadership contest activities before the official launch of the contest you should be aware of these important rules from Elections Canada:

You must appoint a financial agent before accepting a contribution or loan and before incurring leadership contestant expenses. The financial agent must open a separate bank account to be used exclusively for the contestant’s campaign.

All monetary transactions in relation to the campaign have to go through the campaign bank account.

Expenses reasonably incurred as an incidence of the contest are leadership campaign expenses, regardless of when those expenses are incurred. Even though the leadership contest hasn’t officially begun, if you are planning on running, expenses must be paid with regulated funds or accepted as non-monetary contributions subject to the controls on contributions in the Act (with the exception of the contestant’s personal expenses and litigation expenses).

Call Elections Canada’s Political Financing support line to learn more 1-800-486-6563

Please note: Internal rules of the GPC Leadership contest will include contribution and expense limits. Any expenses incurred prior to the official Leadership Contest that is deemed by Elections Canada to be a Leadership Contestant expense WILL count towards the GPC limit.

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

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