Annamie Paul is the new leader of the Green Party of Canada!

The Green political movement is stronger than ever as your Green voices came together to choose Annamie Paul to lead our party to the next chapter of success.

We’re ready to introduce Annamie Paul to the country. We want to make sure she has the opportunity to connect with Canadians in their communities and we want to start this next chapter together, now.

The Green Breakthrough Fund has raised nearly $200,000 in less than a month to allow Annamie Paul to start her work on the right foot. Let’s continue this momentum and even surpass the goal we’ve set for ourselves.

This is a moment in history. For the first time in 13 years, the Green Party has new leadership, a fresh face and a chance to reintroduce ourselves to Canada. Let’s help amplify Annamie Paul’s voice so that she can bring our voice to Parliament Hill.

Be a part of the breakthrough!

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