Angela Davidson

Photo credit @Arvinoutside

Hearing the call of the forest and following instructions from Elders of the territories, ancestors and spirit, Angela Davidson (she/her), known to her friends as Rainbow Eyez, has been a key defender of ancient forests on Vancouver Island, including the old growth forests of ‘Ada’itsx (Fairy Creek), since 2020.

Angela is a Ha-ma-yas Stewardship Network Guardian for the Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation. A graduate of Vancouver Island University (VIU) First Nations Stewardship Technical Training program, Angela has worked for four years as a guardian in Knight Inlet where she helps to protect the lands, waters, wildlife and cultural values for future generations. 

She was inspired to pursue the stewardship program following her work as an administrative assistant for Marquis Alliance, an environmental oil and gas company, in Calgary, Alberta.

Angela has assisted in training future guardians as a student support coordinator with the Nanwakolas Council Society and as a member of a research team to decolonize and help the VIU’s Stewardship Technician training program to become more grounded in community values.

A cancer survivor, Angela has volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society and Wellspring Calgary helping other cancer patients before and after treatment with peer support.

She has significant experience with the Canadian legal system as she defends Indigenous values in her advocacy work. She is pictured with the drum which was illegally seized and confiscated for three months after she was charged with mischief for using a ceremonial item on the front lines. 

Angela is recognized as a critical voice in slowing resource depletion and addressing the climate crisis. She takes on the role of Deputy Leader for the Green Party of Canada, but prefers the more culturally respectful title is Ooh-mah Ah-nise (high ranking woman, Aunty in Kwakʼwala).

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