The price of cheap shrimp

The readership of Island Tides is, in my experience, among the best informed and most conscientious about our collective and individual ecological footprint of any people on the planet.

Letter to the Editor: Give Capital Region a Say on Pipeline: August 28, 2014

To the Editor,

Dumbing down of diplomacy

One can be forgiven for dismissing the appointment of Canada’s new ambassador to the Vatican as a matter of no consequence.

Why I am marching

This article was primarily written for an international audience, but I thought Canadian Greens might want to join me too!

Staking the moral high ground – why the Green Party exists

What follows is my original piece rebutting the National Post editorial. The NP editors requested cuts and changes which I accepted.

How not to protect the lives of sex trade workers

The ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada was pretty clear in the Bedford case.

All together now: How we stop Enbridge’s pipelines and tankers

It came to me in response to a biased question from a Sun News reporter in Toronto.  The question, playing into the warped world of Ezra Lavant, prompted me to explain what “protesters” might

Passenger rail in Canada is in crisis

There has been a lot of attention of late to what moves on Canada’s rails.

Finance, Budgets And Shuffles

In the last few weeks, there were a few shake-ups on the Canadian political scene.

For Canadian youth, the future isn't what it used to be

“Education is the point at which we decide whether we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it, and by the same token save it from that ruin which except for renewal, except for th

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