North Okanagan—Shuswap

Dave Smith is a lifelong environmentalist and accountant who has over thirty-five years experience in the forest industry. A resident of Vernon for over 20 years, Dave, his wife, and their children and grandchildren are happy to call interior BC home. As a grandfather, Dave’s decision to run for the Green Party was informed by his desire to not only build a strong society and economy today, but for our future generations. A youthful 66 years old, Dave is a committed cycling commuter and tennis player, who enjoys spending his free-time gardening and hiking.

As an accountant (CGA), Dave spent thirty-five years in the forest industry. He spent his last twelve years as Controller at the Tolko Armstrong Lumber/Plywood/Power Complex, supervising administrative and computer staff, and advising management on financial matters. Following retirement, he has worked on a part-time basis as a management consultant with the forest industry and local First Nations groups, an experience that has allowed him to build connections with the communities of Armstrong and Salmon Arm.

In addition to this work experience, Dave has volunteered extensively with various groups on a range of local and international projects. Dave and his wife spent four winters in Guatemala building cookstoves in Mayan villages, in addition Dave is a member of the Board of Todos Juntos, which raises funds for the Mayan community for health, infrastructure, child care and education. Dave has also spent the last seven years –three years as Chairman- with Ribbons of Green, the North Okanagan advisory committee on parks and trails, giving numerous presentations to Mayors and Councils.

Dave has a long history with the Green Party of Canada, for the last seven years he has served as a director for the local EDA, and acted as Official Agent in the riding during the last two elections.

Dave has spent much of his life studying environmental issues, and has written summaries of Vision Green and IPCC reports. A ‘fiscally conservative’ candidate, Dave fully supports Elizabeth May’s balanced budget approach. Dave is focused on finding economically pragmatic solutions to the environmental challenges that face our nation, and looks forward to engaging with constituents to discuss the path forward that best serves our riding, province and country.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Dave Smith as our candidate in the riding of North Okanagan–Shuswap.