Burnaby South

Wyatt Tessari is an engineer, filmmaker and political organiser. Born in British Columbia, Wyatt was introduced to culture shock at a young age when his family moved to France. Unable to speak the language, he eventually settled in and became a cultural hybrid, speaking English at home and French with his friends.

Wyatt earned his bachelor’s in Engineering in Montreal, along with a Certificate in Filmmaking in New York, at which time he decided to return to B.C. to start his career and reconnect with his roots.

Through his work as an engineer he gained experience in a variety of industries, including oil & gas, mining, engine emissions and wind power. In his spare time Wyatt has volunteered with numerous Burnaby organisations, including: the Kingsway Imperial Neighbourhood Association, the Edmonds Business & Community Association, and the Lower Mainland Green Team. He is also an active Toastmaster.

Recognising the importance and urgency of climate action, and the failure of the old-line parties to address it, Wyatt became involved in Green politics. He stood in as a ‘right to vote’ candidate twice, and is now putting aside his engineering career to mount a full campaign this election.

He is committed to seeing Canadians stand tall on this critical issue - and looks forward to helping Burnaby become one of the leaders of the environmental movement in Canada.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Wyatt Tessari as our candidate in the riding of Burnaby South.