Medicine Hat—Cardston—Warner

Brent Smith is a teacher, permaculture designer and biologist. A father of three, Brent currently teaches Industrial Reclamation and Ecology at Medicine Hat College, having switched gears after working for over fourteen years with the Canadian Army and as a government biologist.

While completing his Master’s Thesis on Prairie Ecosystems, Brent began to understand the multitude of ecological, energy, and economic issues that civilization currently faces. This process led him to leave his comfortable government job, and begin a career as a permaculture designer. He now grows fruit, nuts, and vegetables on his own property, collecting rainwater for irrigation, and has installed solar panels and passive geothermal to heat, cool and power his house.

Brent’s education and work experience have been dedicated to understanding and mitigating the negative effects of human development. He has worked as a lab technician at the University of Regina, collecting water quality information from local prairie lakes. He has worked as a reclamation technician for Environment Canada, restoring prairie ecosystems at the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area in Saskatchewan. Finally, he has worked for the Canadian Army as a biologist, working to study the effects of land-use at the largest military base in the Commonwealth—Canadian Forces Base Suffield.

During his tenure, Brent participated as an expert witness in a Joint Review Panel Environmental Assessment of proposed shallow gas development within the CFB Suffield National Wildlife Area—one of the few proposed projects to ever be turned down. During his time as a government biologist, he also published his research in peer-reviewed science journals.

In addition to his current work teaching Industrial Reclamation and Ecology at Medicine Hat College, Brent is a volunteer coach and Scouts Canada leader in his community.

Living in Alberta, Brent understands the importance of the oil and gas sector to the average Canadian’s way of life. While there is a compelling ecological argument to be made about reducing –and even eliminating– societies reliance on fossil fuels, he knows that this argument does not hold sway in Alberta. During the 2015 campaign he would instead like to emphasize the compelling economic reasons for switching to renewable energy, and reducing energy consumption through efficiency.

Brent looks forward to using his wide-range of expertise to address the climate crisis, and working to reduce the worst of the impacts before permanent damage is done to our society and environment.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Brent Smith as our candidate in the riding of Medicine Hat–Cardston–Warner.