Edmonton Riverbend

Candidate: Valerie Kennedy

I spent my younger years in southern Alberta, gaining an appreciation of rural life and people. I grew up in a family small business, and continued in my own small business as a movement educator/counsellor.

As an educator I have worked in numerous universities and colleges in northern Alberta teaching about movement activities of young children. This exposed me to a preventive, wellness approach to health, based on activity, good nutrition, and stress management. Work at the colleges gave me a small part in the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program, travelling through northern parts of Alberta and learning from First Nations students and teachers about their culture.

As a movement counsellor I engage with many aspects of the medical profession. Working with people with developmental challenges, I learned to recognize their unique needs and gifts.

I have focused my volunteer work on helping build community – with community leagues, churches, street people, CKUA, and the boards of Carey Hall and Adaptive Aquatics. Volunteering has given me opportunities to work with people of many nationalities, through Habitat for Humanity at home and in El Salvador and with Save the Children Canada.