Winnipeg North

Candidate: John Redekopp

I am John Redekopp and I am running in Winnipeg North.  I have worked for a number of local non-profits that contribute to social justice. Currently I do payroll for an organization that assists at risk youth with improving their circumstances. I have also worked for a local charity that provides services for the homeless and impoverish. If I was elected a Member of Parliament, I would like to continue my career of promoting social justice. I have lived in a few of places in Canada including being born in Newfoundland, living my teen years in Thunder Bay although I have lived in Manitoba for most of my life. I respect our incumbent Kevin Lamoureux and I will commit to continuing to be available to the constituents at McDonalds every Saturday. I will also commit to continue the community involvement he is engaged in, including events like Winnipeg North’s Got Talent.  I am making this commitment because it is a critical role of an MP to be connected with the constituents to know theirs concerns and be able to share those concerns on the floor of the Commons.  There are many residents in Winnipeg North who are in vulnerable circumstances. I would like to see the federal government address the poverty and crime risk communities by making legislative changes to a restorative justice system through amendments to the Criminal Code and Youth Criminal Justice Act. I would like to see poverty relief by the introduction of a nationwide guaranteed income program that promotes adequate living and health.  Also, as inspired by Davis Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour, I would promote the goal of an amendment to the Charter of Rights to include the right to live in a healthy environment.  I am looking forward to this election.  My hope is that I can connect with as many residents as possible and I will be able to engage people to head out to the polls.      




John Redekopp