Debra Scott grew up in Yellowknife and worked her way through university at UBC. She has had many jobs, including mailroom clerk, tour guide at the Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife, server and legal secretary. After completing her degree she lived and worked as a high school teacher in Japan, France and the UK.

After living abroad, Debra returned to Canada and settled in Toronto more than ten years ago to have her first of two children.

Debra has always cared about environmental protection but became much more of an environmental activist after having children. She is also dedicated to making it easier for families to make healthy choices, having worked with mothers groups that focus on green choices for the family.

Debra believes that everyday people should be involved in politics and policy, and is excited to be running this federal election.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Debra Scott as our candidate in the riding of Scarborough Agincourt.