Nickel Belt

Stuart McCall has been selling locally grown plants and produce from his certified organic farm in Garson, Ontario for over a decade. He has recently equipped his farm operation with solar power, and has expanded to include free-range hens. Local food and food security are what Stuart McCall is all about.

Following a successful career in research and development in chemical engineering and metallurgy, Stuart’s fascination with research, his search for a healthier lifestyle, and love of gardening all led him to organic farming. On the farm, Stuart hires and mentors teens, giving them the opportunity to learn some of the skills of organic farming and sustainability. He teaches them the value of safe, healthy, and local food, which he hopes they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Stuart can often be heard on CBC Radio’s Morning North, and on Radio Canada, and he appears on television with CTV’s northeastern Ontario affiliate, discussing solar energy, organic farming, and community gardens.

Stuart’s community involvement is extensive, including board positions with Greater Sudbury’s Food Policy Council and Eat Local Co-op. In his work with the Sudbury Horticultural Society, Stuart is very involved in the local Seedy Sunday and Sudbury Gardening Festival events where he provides workshops on organic farming and gardening, including a new seed saving workshop planned for fall. As a consultant to the Garson-Falconbridge Community Action Network, Stuart has been instrumental in making the area’s newest garden in Sudbury’s Community Gardens Network a reality.

Stuart’s desire to enter politics stems from his concern about food security and climate change. He chose to join the Green Party because he does not see any clear or helpful direction forward coming from any of the old line parties. Stuart wants to be part of the only Party with a solid, sensible plan for the future.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Stuart McCall as our candidate in the riding of Nickel Belt.