Kevin Brandt was born and raised in Toronto, moving to Brantford in 2011, where he quickly became enamoured with the wonderful community and the beautiful natural environment. A graduate of York University’s department of Political Science, Kevin is a community leader and proud father.

A member of the City of Brantford’s Environmental Policy & Advisory Committee, Kevin was elected Chair for two consecutive terms. Kevin is the Vice-President of the Grand River Environmental Group, a local community group that cleans up the litter found in various parks, trails, and public spaces around Brantford. He also ran for Brantford City Council in 2014 on a platform of fiscal responsibility, democratic accountability, and environmental sustainability.

Kevin joined the Green Party of Canada because he feels that it’s the only party that offers a credible alternative to the unnerving political status quo. The current establishment favours austerity economics, privatization of our public services, and inaction on climate change. Kevin, on the other hand, believes that investing in people, the planet, infrastructure, and the economy is the more sensible and ethically viable approach.

Kevin supports pricing pollution through carbon fee and dividend, introducing proportional representation, building a green economy based on renewable energy and long-term sustainability, ensuring access to clean and healthy water, labelling genetically modified organisms, restoring Canada’s reputation as a global peacekeeper, and ending the war on drugs.

Kevin is thirty-two, and lives in Brantford with his partner, Carissa, and four-year-old son, Braxton. He has the vision and the courage to step forward and make the hard decisions necessary to ensure that the major issues which we face today aren't passed down as a burden to future generations.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Kevin Brandt as our candidate in the riding of Brantford-Brant.