Rebecca Viau lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island with her husband Scott Brown, and their daughter Meike. Becka was raised in Central Queens, and considers herself to have been shaped by the rural landscapes and community driven lifestyle of the Green Isle. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Ms. Viau received a Masters of Fine Arts in 2013.

Becka was motivated to run for the Green Party of Canada by a commitment to making her community a compassionate and inspiring place to live. She believes that clean and safe food, air, water, and soil are key to protecting and nurturing Island prosperity, and that creativity and imagination are integral to innovation, and a future where all Canadians can thrive.

Becka is a practicing contemporary artist and social catalyst, and is a founding member and program director of This Town is Small Inc., Prince Edward Island’s only artist run centre. This Town is Small is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the growth and sustainability of the contemporary arts on Prince Edward Island. Thanks to Ms. Viau’s inspiration and curation, every summer islanders and visitors alike are treated to Art in the Open, the centre’s signature outdoor event showcasing a wide variety of visual artists.

Through both her art and community service Becka tackles issues of place and identity, and how relationships with each are formed. She takes critical and educated approaches, and has the courage to stand up for her community, speak up, and most importantly, take action. She is deeply dedicated to the development of a sustainable, creative and socially minded community and, ultimately, a stronger Canada.

The Green Party is excited to have Rebecca Viau as our candidate in the riding of Charlottetown.