Teresa Doyle grew up on a small family farm in Eastern Prince Edward Island. Her father's goal was to build up the soil and leave the farm in better shape than he found it. This philosophy informed Teresa's political view from an early age, and was in direct contrast to the practices of much of Canada's industry and corporate agriculture. In high school she was on provincial and regional debating teams, and went on to earn a degree in Political Science at U.P.E.I. A lifelong activist, Teresa has been involved in 10 Days For World Development, The Social Action Commission, Farmers Helping Farmers and The Council of Canadians. Doyle was a board member of The Council of Canadians in the early 1990's.

Teresa has been a full time independent musician for more than thirty years. Doyle’s eleven recordings on her label, Bedlam Records, have met with critical acclaim at home in the Maritimes, across North America, Europe and Japan. This body of work has garnered numerous awards including three ECMAs, two JUNO nominations and the 2007 Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for music, awarded to one Canadian musician to reward excellence in mid-career. In 1986, she represented Canada at an international singing competition in East Germany. As well as being a performer, she is active in supporting the arts. She was chair of The P.E.I. Council of the Arts, and is co-founder of The Rock Barra Artist Retreat Co-op. Doyle is an avid gardener, founder of a seed bank in her community, and passionate about kayaking, snorkelling and painting.

Teresa is running for the Green Party because she believes we need to: tackle climate change, repeal Bill C-51, restore democracy, return to a tradition of peacekeeping, rebuild our scientific research capacity, build a green economy, shift the tax burden back to polluting corporations, expand health care to include prevention, strengthen our rural communities, and protect the C.B.C.
Teresa lives in rural Prince Edward Island with her husband Brett and son Patrick. Brett owns a small business, Caledonia House Coffee, Prince Edward Island's first coffee roasting business. Patrick studies philosophy at U.P.E.I., works in his father’s business, and tours the country with Teresa performing folk, jazz and songs of environmental and social justice.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Teresa Doyle as our candidate in the riding of Cardigan.