UBC receives 3.5 million $ for research into Canada's oceans: new project

Australian scientists unleash anger over inaction and ignorance about climate change!

Earth can sustain more terrestrial plant growth.

Carbon and Climate; builiding oil pipelines without proper environmental assessment violates Canadians fundamental rights

New nickel based carbon nanotube catalyst spurs development of new inexpensive hydrogen fuel cells.....Ballard and HYGS,VALE

NASA scientist describes how melting arctic sea ice will affect weather patterns in the future

Dear Ambassador of China: Important information regarding pH drop in oceans at 490ppm and engine that emits no CO2

Dear Ambassador of China515 St. Patrick St.,OttawaOntario, CanadaSome research has been carried out by myself over the last 50 years, and recently it has come to my

Livermore, Berkeley labs part of supercomputing effort to model climate change

Dumbing down of diplomacy

One can be forgiven for dismissing the appointment of Canada’s new ambassador to the Vatican as a matter of no consequence.

SunPower Corporation (SPWR) market forecast and specs...

SPWR (SunPower Corporation)

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