UPDATE 1-Britain sticks with tough carbon target despite opposition!


New Status Report highlights rapid pace of changing climate!

Novel way to tackle climate change

If we have a PEM electrolyzer at a filling station from a company like HYGS in Mississauga

Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO's - Not for my family


I recently found out that 80% of the food in my house had been genetically modified. 


PEM electrolyzer for separating hydrogen and oxygen from water!

Say Goodbye to "big oil"!

Say goodbye to "big oil."Because I've just uncovered a radical new liquid fuel with the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape.

Scientists at NASA could find alien life and earth like planets in the next 20 years!

Are Ants the answer to CO2 sequestration?

Scientists at NASA and around the world believe they are very close to finding alien life on other worlds....

Birds and bees at threat from neonicotinoid pesticide use, already banned in Europe

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