Passenger rail in Canada is in crisis

There has been a lot of attention of late to what moves on Canada’s rails.

Greens release official submission to US decision process on Keystone: "Do Canada a favour. Say no to Keystone"

OTTAWA – In advance of the deadline to respond to the US State Department’s Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Keystone XL pipeline, Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canad

Bruce Hyer returns from Save Maritime Rail tour

MP Bruce Hyer arrived in Ottawa this morning following the successful completion of his Save Maritime Rail tour of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

End of the line for Maritime passenger rail?

HALIFAX – Bruce Hyer, Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay–Superior North and Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada wil

VIA cuts could see Quebec, Maritimes lose all passenger rail service

 OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada today called on the Harper Conservatives to intervene to halt drastic cuts to VIA Rail passenger service in Eastern

Greens condemn Minister Flaherty's uneconomic airport surprise

OTTAWA - On Tuesday, June 12, 2013, at an announcement to discuss the creation of the Rouge National Urban Park from which the public was banned, Federal Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty caught loc

Independent Report: Canadian Passenger Rail Coming Off Track

Independent MP Bruce Hyer and Green Party Leader and MP Elizabeth May are calling for immediate government action to reverse the decline of passenger rail across Canada in the wake of Hyer’s 

Reality check on Transport Canada’s claims for tanker safety

Harper’s public relations and spin team hit Vancouver in March claiming to have substantially revamped environmental protections for pipelines and tankers.   Minister of Natural Resources

Testing our Nationhood

What does it take for a country to be truly a nation, as compared to a mere patch of real estate, or a failed state?

The Green Party of Canada Urges All MPs To Support Bill C-305

OTTAWA – Green Party Leader Elizabeth May urges all Members of Parliament to vote this evening in favour of Bill C-305, the National Transit Strategy Act.

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