Since 1972 we've been appending the suffix -gate to every nominal phrase to denote a scandal. Look! We have a scandal that actually ends in -gate! And the guy in charge is named.... Nixon!

Canada’s innovation is lagging

Canada’s economy needs greater innovation. And our commitment to reduce greenhouse gases needs a burgeoning clean-tech sector.

Statements by Members - The Environment and the Economy

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, on January 21 in his inaugural address, United States President Barack Obama said the following:

Chinese Investor Lawsuits Could Cripple Canada

NAFTA Suits a Warning of Canada-China Treaty Potential

The Canada-China Investment Treaty Cannot be Ratified Without Provinces’ Approval

OTTAWA – With only 9 days to go before the Harper Conservatives can legally ratify the Canada-China Investment Treaty, the Green Party of Canada wants to emphasize the fact that ratific

Merging Activism and Parties

Voting has become unpopular, but so has activism. Even if that's not true, neither are all that popular.

When life hands you lemons: the new science of positive thinking

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Calgary Herald
Sharon Kirkey

Canadian social psychologist Jamie Gruman is proposing a new way of achieving nirvana: Do nothing.

Instead, live in the moment and embrace the "serene and contented acceptance of life as it is, with no ambitions of acquisition, accomplishment or progress toward goals," said Gruman, co-founder of the newly created Canadian Positive Psychology Association, a network of scholars and academics studying human well-being and happiness.

Psychology has long focused on our inner torment: understanding why people get depressed or anxious, and how to alleviate it. The emphasis has been on "disorders," "deficits," "neuroses" and the need for "therapy."

...the notion of a healthy national psyche is being embraced more openly by economists, politicians and political scientists around the globe, including in Canada, where, for example, Green Party leader Elizabeth May recently introduced a private member's bill in the House of Commons meant to develop a set of indicators to measure "the real health and well-being of people." A United Nations expert panel earlier this year called for nations around the globe to track the happiness of their people, arguing that economic wealth doesn't equal psychological health.

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As Parliament rises for the summer…

The appalling 420 page so-called omnibus budget implementation bill, C-38, will likely clear the Senate before you read this.  All 700+ of the Opposition amendments were defeated after a marat

C-38 - New Low for Harper

            The Conservatives work very hard to perpetuate the notion that they offer the “steady hand” needed to manage our country’s finance

Popularity vs Environmental Destruction

On June 7, 2012 Brad Wall was reported by Metro News to be the

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