• Claudia Rodriguez-Larrain

    Position: President 2011Bioregion: Mixedwood PlainsEmail: larrain.rodriguez@gmail.comWebsite: voteclaudia

  • Richard Noel

    Position: Quebec Representative 2011Bioregion: Mixedwood Plains

  • Pierre Tremblay

    Position: Vice President - French 2011Bioregion: Boreal Shield

  • Mark MacKenzie

    Position: President 2011Bioregion: Boreal ShieldEmail: mark@markmackenzie.ca

  • Kim Melton

    Position: Territories Representative 2011
    Bioregion: Boreal Cordillera
  • John Streicker

    Position: President 2011
    Bioregion: Arctic Cordillera
  • Guy Morazain

    Position: Vice President - French 2011
    Bioregion: Arctic Cordillera
    Email: guy@morazai
  • Drew Fenwick

    Position: Manitoba Representative 2011
    Bioregion: Prairie
    Email: dhfenwick@shaw.ca
  • Riding Profile - Calgary Centre North

    The upcoming by-election prompted by the resignation of the Conservative’s former Minister of the Environment, Jim Prentice, promises to be an exciting one. This riding shows strong support for the Green Party, with a mere 21 votes separating us from finishing second in the last election!

  • Riding Profile - Yukon

    The Yukon is the most distant riding from Ottawa.

  • Poll Shows Green Party Support up Significantly

    January 7, 2010: A new EKOS poll shows that Canadian support for the Green Party is significantly higher in all regions except for Alberta, where it is holding steady.&nbsp

  • Green Pages

    Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s announcement that she will run in the British Columbia (B.C.) riding (district) of Saanich—Gulf Islands in the next election has sparked a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm among Greens in Canada, raising hopes and expectations that the party will win its first seat in the House of Commons.