Equal Parenting



Type de résolution



Denis Van Decker

Commentaire officiel du parti

This motion, in calling for a presumption of equal parenting in the Divorce Act, would create a new policy but would be in keeping with current party messaging on reforming the Divorce Act. Also, the phrase regarding inclusion in the platform is superfluous because the platform is written at the discretion of the leader, cabinet, and campaign committee.


WHEREAS Canada has a history of supporting equality and human rights in its laws, policies and actions;

WHEREAS the Green Party of Canada has recognized the need to update the current Family Law system and the Canadian Divorce Act;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Green Party of Canada will make the necessary changes to the Canada Divorce Act so that in the event of a marital breakdown, the Divorce Act will mandate a default of equal parenting – defined as equal time and responsibility unless there is consent from both parents, or there are specific criminal convictions related to the children that preclude equal parenting;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Green Party of Canada platform document include this proactive position.


Newmarket-Aurora EDA