National Week of Action for Electoral Reform

The Trudeau government is trying to abandon their promise to upgrade Canada’s voting system ahead of the 2019 election. But we’re not going to let them. Join us, Fair Vote Canada, and the Every Voter Counts Alliance for a National Week of Action for Electoral Reform.

Join us if

  • You think it’s unfair that under our current voting system, a party that receives less than 50% of the votes can hold 100% of the power in Parliament
  • You don’t like that votes in “swing ridings” are more important than votes in “safe ridings”
  • You like that voter turnout is generally higher in countries with proportional representation
  • You like the fact that countries with proportional voting systems have a higher number of female and visible minority legislators.

Here’s what you can do this week

  1. Sign our petition insisting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reverse his cynical decision to ignore his electoral reform promise.

  2. Sign petition E-616 to ensure that the Liberal government revives the electoral reform debate in the House of Commons.

  3. Join the Tweetstorm on Wednesday, February 8, to tell the Prime Minister, Minister of Democratic Reform Karina Gould, and our MPs that Canadians want proportional representation. Find your MP on Twitter, and tell them how you feel about Canadian democracy. Here are examples of Tweets you can send on Wednesday (or any day!):

  • “Dear @ ... I feel betrayed. Please reconsider and keep the Liberal promise on PR. @JustinTrudeau”.

  • For opposition MPs: “Dear @... I feel betrayed. Please insist that the government reconsider and keep its promise on PR. @JustinTrudeau”.

  • Want to make your tweets more appealing? Download a free graphic.

  1. Hit the streets for the National Day of Action for Electoral Reform on Saturday, February 11. Consult the list below to find an event near you.


The Prime Minister and Liberals MPs need to hear from you! When they see the momentum behind this movement, it will be impossible to ignore the truth: Canadians want proportional representation.

Thank you for making a difference.