Our Plan

The Green Party is committed to restoring Canada’s global role as a leader in peacekeeping and poverty alleviation, and ensuring that the women and men who risk everything to serve our country have access to the benefits they deserve.

The Green Party will:

  • Re-align our defence spending - increasing the emphasis on disaster assistance, and shifting our focus away from NATO war missions towards UN Peacekeeping contributions
  • Work to end the lump sum payment for injuries and bring back lifetime pensions for veterans.
  • Push for prompt and effective disability payouts that aren’t based on income.
  • Appoint real experts and veterans – not partisans – to the Veterans Review Board. Currently, only three out of twenty-five members have military experience.
  • Rewrite the Veterans Affairs Policy Manual to better reflect the agency’s mandate of serving veterans, not withholding payouts. Veterans Affairs is not an insurance company and should not act like one.

Sign-on today and support our pledge to support veterans and restore Canada’s global reputation.