Tomorrow’s Technology, Today’s Jobs

Canada is failing to invest in research and development. Which means we are falling behind in the cutting-edge industries that are already driving the global economy.

When compared to sixteen of the world's most advanced economies, Canada ranked next to last in terms of investing in new technology and new ideas.

The vast majority of Canada’s buildings will still be standing in thirty years time. The Green Party would pursue an innovative retrofitting strategy that would cut building emissions 80% by 2040, and put thousands of Canadians to work upgrading our aging infrastructure.

Green MPs Will

  • Develop timelines, funding strategies and targets for retrofitting existing buildings in Canada, with the goal of retrofitting 100% of Canada’s buildings to a high level of energy efficiency by 2030  
  • Invest in undergraduate research fellowships to support innovation, and encourage more young Canadians to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math  
  • Offer rebates of up to $5,000 for Canadians purchasing efficient vehicles, including electric vehicles