Time to Run

Tell us who should represent your community in Parliament.



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Time for diverse representation. Let’s build a Parliament as diverse as the Canadians it represents.

Time for a new generation of politicians. Canada needs proven leaders who are getting things done for their communities, day in and day out.

Time to step up. Our next Parliament will govern Canada at a critical crossroads. It needs leaders from every walk of life – frontline workers, professionals, community organisers, small business owners – who know what needs to be changed and how to get it done.

Time for bold, progressive politics. This is what the Green Party is about. We’re recruiting talented candidates who believe Canada can complete its social safety net, launch a Green Recovery and forge a just society. 

Time to nominate a candidate. You know who the leaders are in your community, and we want you to nominate one.

Nominate someone

Time to nominate yourself. Maybe you’ve never pictured yourself in politics, but if you wake up every day putting your community first, you’re the kind of candidate we want.

Nominate yourself


It’s time for new voices to be heard.