Statement on Israel and Palestine

The Green Party of Canada unequivocally condemns all violence taking place in Palestine and Israel. We are deeply concerned about the well-being of the hostages kidnapped and threatened by Hamas and the ongoing, unlawful Israeli siege on Gaza.

 Last weekend, Hamas conducted horrendous attacks that have shocked and continue to shock the conscience of humanity, brutally targeting civilians and taking many hostages. We condemn these violations of international law unequivocally.

We call on the Canadian government to do all in our power to de-escalate the conflict and to ensure the safety of the hostages and secure their immediate release. The safety of the hostages is a clear priority.

In response to last weekend’s attacks by Hamas, Israel’s right wing government has imposed an unlawful siege on Gaza and its civilian population – no food, no water, no electricity, no supplies, while knowingly bombing a densely populated civilian area,  causing arbitrary, indiscriminate death and suffering. We condemn these violations of international law unequivocally. 

All attacks against civilians are prohibited by international law, regardless of who commits them or why.

To achieve a lasting and just peace in the region, the structure of trauma and violence must end and the parties must return to good faith negotiations based on international law and UN resolutions. All Palestinians and Israelis, and particularly the children of both nations, are entitled to safety and security. The prolonged Israeli occupation of Palestine – the longest in the modern world – must end completely and immediately, and Palestinian self-determination must be realized.

We express our solidarity with Israeli and Palestinian civilians alike and amplify the voices of those calling for an immediate ceasefire.