Statement on World Oceans Day 2022

VANCOUVER – Of all the natural systems under assault from climate change, the world’s oceans are where the impacts of our warming planet will have the most devastating and far-reaching consequences.

Climate change affects the oceans in many different ways: the warming water causes thermal expansion, a rise in sea levels and changing ocean currents; melting ice means more sea-level rise and reduced salinity; higher carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere lead to ocean acidification..

“All of these changes are having a devastating impact on marine life, both plant and animal – and on the human communities that rely on them for their livelihoods,” said interim Green Party Leader Amita Kuttner. “All life depends on the oceans. If the oceans die,we do too.

“The solution is clear. We must stop pretending that there is still time to waste and act immediately to disengage from the fossil fuel economy that is destroying our future. 

“Net zero emissions by 2050 is a target for failure. We must work towards 60 per cent reductions from 2005 levels by 2030 with clear, enforceable targets and timelines starting next year. First steps: cancel Trans Mountain; withdraw approval for Bay du Nord; wind down the oil sands.

“Water is life and the oceans are giving us a warning we should not ignore. We must abandon fossil fuels and transform our society to be sustainable for generations to come.”


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