Green Party condemns Hong Kong violence

OTTAWA — The Green Party of Canada is increasingly concerned about the rising levels of violence related to demonstrations in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong SAR)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has observed that law enforcement officials are employing weapons "in ways that are prohibited by international norms and standards". The Green Party  strongly condemn this disproportionate use of force and remind the Hong Kong SAR authorities of their responsibility to protect the rights of their citizens.

"The Green Party of Canada supports the rights of citizens to peaceful assembly and to the peaceful expression of their views," said Annamie Paul, International Affairs Critic for the Green Party. "We are calling on the Hong Kong SAR authorities to exercise maximum restraint while these fundamental rights are being exercised and to actively work to prevent any escalation in violence or instability in Hong Kong SAR.

“Whenever possible, dialogue between parties should be the first option in resolving conflict. We call on all those involved in the Hong Kong SAR demonstrations to make a meaningful effort to engage in peaceful, inclusive dialogue as the preferred means of de-escalating and resolving the current situation.”

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Rosie Emery
Press Secretary