Mission: Possible - Clarification of Green Party's Energy Transition Plan

MONTREAL -- The Green Party of Canada is issuing the following statement to clarify points relating to energy transition included in Mission: Possible - The Green Climate Action Plan.

Mission: Possible calls for Canada to stop burning fossil fuels by 2050. During this period of transition, as fossil fuel use declines, Canada should stop importing foreign oil and only use domestic product.

This does not involve building additional pipelines or infrastructure. To replace imported oil, eastern Canada (including Quebec) will use Newfoundland oil (Hibernia) and Alberta oil will serve western Canada.

Oil sands production will plateau and, as the transition to renewable energy accelerates, it will decline rapidly. Eventually, Canadian oil will only be used as feedstock for the petrochemical industry. Nothing will be burned.

"There is no question of increasing the importation of oil from Alberta to Quebec, whether by pipeline or by train,” said Daniel Green, Deputy Leader of the Green Party. “Newfoundland oil has a much lower environmental footprint than its Alberta competitor. Here in Quebec we could greatly benefit from a green and fair transition. Stopping the transportation of oil by train would allow us to regain control of our railways, allowing us to develop and establish a comprehensive urban and rural public rail infrastructure.

The Green Party of Canada and its representatives are available to explain this national energy transition plan in more detail.

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For more information contact:

Daniel Green
Deputy Leader