Statement on Elections Canada ruling regarding Kelowna-Lake Country campaign

(OTTAWA)--Regarding the results of the investigation by the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections (OCCE) on the use of Green Party branded material in a Liberal campaign in Kelowna-Lake Country during the 2015 election, the Green Party of Canada would like to emphasize that the use of such materials was not in any way condoned by the Party.

In a note to EDAs during the election, Leader Elizabeth May stated, "Green candidates will leave it up to the voter how to decide. Voting is a very personal choice. And endorsing another party as a member of the Green Party is not in keeping with our constitution. No one wants to make it harder for Green MPs to be elected.  The truth is that the ‘vote-splitting/strategic voting’ fear operates as a form of voter suppression. It discourages people from voting when voters are told they have to vote for a party they don't want in order to avoid a
worse one. We need to inspire and encourage all Canadians to vote."

The Green Party agrees with Commissioner Côté that any activities that breed cynicism and lack of trust on behalf of voters must be stringently avoided otherwise the fundamental democratic principles of our country are at risk.


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