Green Party Representative Apologies for Language

The Green Party of Canada accepts the apology of Robert
Miller, Newfoundland and Labrador federal council representative, for his poor
choice of language in a twitter post last week. The Green Party is a party that
truly works from the grassroots and is willing to accept diversity in opinions
on policy; however, the party does not condone offensive language.  Rather, we encourage constructive respectful

Green Party policy does not support a commercial seal hunt
in Canada. Greens have proposed that it is time to offer sealers a buy-out and
help them transition to a diversified economy. "Within the Green Party,
there is room for discussion on policy. The tone of Robert’s comments, however,
was offensive.  He has since apologized
for the use of harsh language and I hope this will lead to a more respectful
exchange on both sides of the issue,” said May.

For Green’s full policy on the commercial seal hunt, please

Apology from Robert Miller:

I would like to reaffirm my
commitment to the Green values which set a high standard for our conduct. It is
in accordance with these principles—including a participatory
democracy—that I advocate for quality and wholesomeness of our local
foods and products.

Unfortunately my
comment—directed toward an individual—did not meet those ideals. I
equally support all forms of sustainable harvests without the use of
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, non-therapeutic
antibiotics, and insecticides. Furthermore, I expect those harvests to
allow animals to live without undue stress and in conditions where they
are able to exercise normal behaviours.

Although my use of slang
terminology was intended to underscore those beliefs, it was offensive
and disrespectful to that person. As such, I wish to restate my prior
apology, offered to that individual on

February 12th, and retract that statement.

Respectfully yours,

Robert Miller