Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories has been Paul Falvo’s home since 2001. Paul was elected to two terms on Yellowknife Council - where he was known for listening and responding to the concerns of his constituents.
A graduate of Royal Roads Military College, Paul served in the Navy before coming North. In Yellowknife, he was a member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and a paid on-call firefighter. Today he is president of the Yellowknife True North Rotary Club.

Well-known in Yellowknife for organizing downtown litter clean-ups, Paul thinks globally - and works every day to put his values into action locally. Paul is an avid long-distance runner. He and his dog can often be seen walking. When he is not working, traveling, running or volunteering, Paul enjoys time with his family and being on the water.

Paul is a tireless advocate for social justice. Self-employed, his law practice takes him to communities across the NWT and Nunavut. This experience has taught him - on a professional and deeply personal level - the financial and historical challenges that Northerners experience in their daily lives.

In his 18 years in the North, Paul has heard about - and seen firsthand - the effects of climate change. School-age children are marching and demanding that we take better care of their future.
Families in the North are already struggling to put healthy food on the table. Our challenge going forward is to transition from a fossil-fuel driven economy to a sustainable economy - with more equitable resource distribution - and strong, diversified local economies
Climate change is affecting the North faster than other parts of Canada. Paul is committed to working for Northerners - and to making sure our special circumstances and needs are known at the federal level.