Vancouver South

Dr. Zaichkowsky is a University Professor at the Beedie Business School, Simon 
Fraser University. She received her Ph.D. in marketing from the University of California at Los Angeles, with minors in psychology and statistics. She is recognized as one of the top scholars in consumer behaviour. She was born in Vancouver and attended Sir Guy Carleton elementary, Killarney secondary, the University of British Columbia (B.H. Ec.), and the University of Guelph (M.Sc.). 

Through her university service as President of Academic Women, the SFU Board of Governors, and as Associate Dean of the Business School, she knows the importance of good communication and honesty as the road to success. In the community, she participated in SFU’s Philosopher’s cafés outlining the changes that need to be made to Canada’s housing and passport system. 

Her experience in public service with the Green Party (2017-8) involved serving as a Vancouver School Board trustee, Board of the Vancouver Public Library, and the Vancouver City Heritage Committee. Through her vast experience teaching and travelling in other countries, she understands Canada as a welcoming, egalitarian country where all dreams can be achieved.  She knows the importance of liveable cities, good affordable transportation systems, inclusive and broad health care coverage, and accessible higher education for all who desire that route.  Not to forget the importance of innovative business structures that keep our best at the forefront of industry and manufacturing. 

She values the Arts and Culture as much as Science, as both are needed for a healthy balanced life and are essential to our economy and society. On the personal side, when Judy isn’t teaching or writing, she plays golf and likes to bake, cook, and entertain.